Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Curl and Flip" from Western Woods to be published by Whirled Werks

One of the great works in the Nimbleines family is Western Woods' Curl and Flip album, which James wrote, recorded, and produced several years back.

Whirled Werks will be helping to add this amazing collection of songs to their catalog/roster. Check out a link to "Fire's Comin'" here:

Curl and Flip is a moody, eccentric work of Americana beauty, with a few dark horses and pop gems mixed in for good measure.

Whirled Werks can be found at and contacted at .

Check out many of their other fine acts there, including Bucktown Kickback and the Shanghai Newgrass Project.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Nice words from Clicky Clicky Blog

Some kind words rolled in from Clicky Clicky Music Blog on 2/16/2013, whose Jay Breitling wrote: "There is a slippery but quantifiable charm to the debut digital single from the new oddball electropop duo The Nimbleines, who recently revealed themselves via the 12" extended mix of the tune "Let's Play Leaving." The song traverses some varied terrain while hewing closely to some familiar touchstones, laying in gentle vocals, synths and electric rhythm tracks that at different times echo vintage DEVO or Yo La Tengo's "Year Of The Shark." Even with the synth and programmed beats there is a lo-fi aura to the tune that gives it an earthy appeal; The Nimbleines certainly are not taking a sterile approach to the production values, something that we appreciate. The band is comprised of Boston musician and music journo Jonathan Donaldson, who some may know from his work from the delightfully quirky guitar act The I Want You, and Columbus, OH-based James Goodman, a fellow heretofore unknown to Clicky Clicky. The Nimbleines characterize themselves and an electropop/psych act, and its Facebook page indicates a full-length is planned. We don't feel the psych stewing on "Let's Play Leaving," just light, hooky, '80s-referencing synth-pop, so we'll be curious to hear more from the pair. In the meantime, the delicate hooks that cycle through the verse and chorus of "Let's Play Leaving" will give your ears plenty to contend with." So, thank you, Mr. Breitling. And we can't wait to share the other tracks with you and psych you out!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Here is the cover for the Nimbleines "Let's Play Leaving" 12" mix. Please download it from our bandcamp page! For any looking for more Nimbleines music, please contact us at nimbleines at gmail. We can make something happen.

Thursday, January 24, 2013